“So my guess is you had sex without protection I’m right”

Here’s the thing.  I’m really hard to offend.  I can get my feelings hurt, but to actually piss me off is quite rare.  And this guy managed to do it.

This was on a plain chatting app that I use sometimes that connects you to people all around the world.  I wrote on my profile that I was a mom.  And that was some random dude’s take on it.

Yeah, sure, I had unprotected sex…with the guy I was married to.  We found out we were pregnant after being married for two years.  It’s not as if I was being irresponsible or that my daughter was some kind of accident, the way he’s insinuating.

What a fucking asshole.


You know it’s a Friday

when your Tinder starts blowing the fuck up.

No, I don’t have Kik.

No, I’m not sending you “special” pics.

No, thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll pass on the sex today.

Oh and my texts messages for once, I got a pic of a guy in a towel.  Yes, he’s hot, but that was way unexpected.

Adrenaline Rush

Lately, I’ve been impulsive.  I guess maybe it’s because I’m used to being very in control and I’m rebelling a little bit.  I’m about 99% sure I’m getting a new piercing on Saturday.  Considering I don’t even wear jewelry in the regular ear piercings I do have, I suppose it’s a little strange.

But you know how sometimes you get an idea in your head and you know it’s not going to go away until you do it?  Yeah, it’s like that.